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The dangers of smoking for women

I used to think women who smoked were cool, but now everyone knows that smoking hurts women a lot. Do you know what harm smoking does to women? Now I'm going to give you a summary.
First, in terms of looks, women who smoke age faster, and smoking gives their teeth a smoky stain that is hard to shed. Bad breath, bad hair, premature menopause, and nicotine damage women's collagen, more likely to dry out the skin, wrinkles, women's body estrogen reduction, smaller chest size. And then there's the blood flow barrier, the lack of oxygen around the eyes, the dark circles under the eyes, the shrinking of the capillaries, the pores, of course, getting bigger and bigger, so smoking really does make a woman look ugly and old.
Secondly, the risk of cancer and myocardial infarction in female smokers is much higher than that in men. In addition, the incidence of heart disease in smoking women is 4 times higher than that in non-smoking women. Women who smoke are more likely to develop lung cancer. Women who smoke are one and a half times more likely to develop lung cancer than men. It also causes a variety of diseases. And smoking women are prone to miscarriage, premature delivery, stillbirth, placental abruption early, placenta previa and so on are related to smoking during pregnancy. So for the sake of their children's health, women should quit smoking as soon as possible.
Finally, although it is now common to see a pretty woman carrying a slender lady's cigarette in a big city, we can calmly accept the fact that we see a woman smoking on the street now. Society has become much more tolerant of women, and it seems that more and more women are joining in the smoking group. But it's not just that women smoke to be cool, it's that they also need to be refreshed, to release their stress, and to be surrounded by cigarettes when they're lonely.
So, even though there are so many dangers for women, there are still people who choose to smoke. As far as I know, the average woman smokes Marlboro Gold Cigarettes Online Sale . If you are also Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes fans, you can Buy Wholesale Cigarettes Store from us. All cigarettes are wholesale price and duty free.