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Have you heard of heat-not-burn cigarettes?

There are so many smokers in the world. With the progress of the times, people have solved the problem of food and clothing. Now they are thinking about how to maintain a healthy body. Even smokers hope to reduce the harm caused by smoking. A new type of tobacco technology has emerged, that is, heat-not-burn cigarettes. This has only been known to everyone in the last two years, so do you know the difference between this heat-not-burn cigarette and traditional cigarettes? The so-called heat-not-burn cigarette is the use of electronic devices to heat the tobacco instead of igniting the tobacco with a lighter, matches, etc. This is the biggest difference between it and traditional cigarettes. But this is different from e-cigarettes in that the heat-not-burn products use real tobacco. Therefore, this kind of product does not need to be ignited like traditional cigarettes. Instead, the tobacco is precisely heated through temperature control technology to reach a temperature that just releases the aromatic substances and nicotine contained in the tobacco to form smoke. Heating tobacco instead of igniting tobacco is not only a technological change, but also the key to achieving harm reduction, because most of the carcinogens and toxic compounds in the smoking process are formed during the combustion process. Therefore, the emergence of this new type of technology has greatly reduced the harm of smoking, which may be a boon to many smokers. Smokers are excited to hear about this heat-not-burn cigarette, but this type of cigarette has not yet become popular, and I believe that this kind of heat-not-burn cigarette will largely replace traditional cigarettes in the near future. Of course, people who like to smoke now still need to buy traditional cigarettes. If you like to smoke Newport Cigarettes or Marlboro cigarettes, you can come to our Wholesale Cigarettes Store to buy, because we provide super cheap cigarettes, all cigarettes are factory direct sales.