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Do you know what nicotine salt is?

There are a lot of smokers in the world, and many people like to smoke e-cigarettes. However, the feeling of e-cigarettes can't be compared with that of cigarettes. Because e-cigarettes have little staying power and many people can't get enough satisfaction, so in order to improve this situation, a new thing has emerged, that is nicotine salt.
When talking about nicotine salt, we must mention a relative term: free nicotine. The nicotine that we use in regular smoke oils is known as free nicotine. A free state is a state in which an element exists, as opposed to a combined state. In chemistry, a state in which an element can exist alone without being combined with other elements. An element in its elemental form is free. That is to say, the nicotine in the common smoke oil is independent of other elements.
The biggest advantage of nicotine salts is that smokers can absorb their nicotine content more efficiently without using overly complex devices. Therefore, some people say that gudine salt will be the next revolutionary product in the field of e-cigarettes, which can better restore the taste of tobacco and return e-cigarettes to the essence of quitting smoking instead of smoking.
In fact, a few years ago, a new smart e-cigarette appeared on the market, this new e-cigarette is based on "nicotine salt" as the core material, rather than the traditional e-cigarette free nicotine. While there is a big question mark over the risks of inhaling benzoic acid, it goes without saying that inhaling e-cigarette oil, which evaporates nicotinic salt, is still much safer than smoking. In addition, the reduction in the amount of steam you need to inhale could make high-strength nicotine-salt cigarette oil safer than regular e-cigarette oil.
The advent of nicotine salts solved the problem of nicotine delivery efficiency. Common "free alkali nicotine" trying to improve electronic cigarette smoke oil equipment for blood on nicotine input is not ideal, so the electronic cigarette users is difficult to get the same satisfaction, smoking and high nicotine content only stay on the excessive stimulation of the throat, within the effective time arrive to nicotine have really needs only a tiny part of blood. The excessive irritation of the throat caused by the high content of nicotine nicotine also reduces the user experience of e-cigarettes. Nicotine salts are more penetrating than "free base nicotine," increasing the level of nicotine that penetrates into the bloodstream in the same amount of time, thus providing a solution that is close to the absorption of real nicotine without overstimulating the throat.
So this huge success is going to change the way a lot of people think about e-cigarettes, so have you ever smoked e-cigarettes? I think with the development of science and technology, e-cigarettes will be more and more similar to cigarettes. One day, many people may choose to smoke e-cigarettes, which may also be a trend in the future. But now more people like to smoke cigarettes. Do you like to smoke Newport Cigarettes Wholesale?