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Do you know the reason why those people smoke?

Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health, but smokers always have their own reasons. I'm sure you're surrounded by people who smoke, but do you know why these people start smoking?
As far as I know, some people smoke because they smoke habitually, which is caused by the sphincter desire. We often hear that not smoking cigarettes is loneliness, this is because habitual smoking, from the sphincter desire. Because the mouth also belongs to this muscular organization, the sphincter desire is the innate desire of people, but the reason why some people are more intense, while others are more sluggish, and this is also related to the state of each person's existence.
Some people smoke to show off themselves. When you take out a box of well-decorated high-grade cigarettes in the midst of a group of smokers, take out a delicate lighter and light the cigarette with a bang, making the proud state of holding the famous brand cigarette, which will make you happy and make others envy you. This is conspicuous consumption, and many people would judge a person's economic and social status by his smoking.
There are other people who smoke to fit in, because everyone around them is smoking, so you learn to smoke to fit in.
Teenagers generally have a tendency of self-harm when they smoke, because they are easy to rebel. Parents and teachers think it is not good for them to smoke, and the more they want to try.
So why do women smoke? Many women think it's fashionable and cool to smoke. Of course, many people smoke for other reasons, such as the color of the cigarettes, the color and style of the case, or the taste of the cigarettes, the way they are arranged, and so on.
There are so many smokers in the world, everyone has his own reasons for smoking, but smoking is not good after all, if you can quit smoking, it is better to quit as soon as possible. But if you buy cheap cigarettes, you can also go to our Wholesale Cigarettes Store and buy super Wholesale Newport Cigarettes.