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A way to store cigars in the summer

Everyone has heard of cigars and knows about them, but relatively few people smoke them, because compared with cigarettes, cigars are more expensive and high-grade, due to the production process and the preciousness of raw materials, so they need to be carefully cared like other natural products.
For a cigar lover, the first step is to learn a little about cigar preservation. If you buy a batch of cigars, it is best to keep them for three to six months before smoking them to their full potential. So do you know how to preserve cigars to get the best flavor out of them? Especially in the summer, the summer weather is hot, so long should be more to save cigars.
First of all, for the shelf life of cigars, if there is no special preservation instrument, the shelf life of cigars is generally only 6-8 months, but a good environment can make the life of cigars as long as 10 years or more, and cigars aged for more than three years can be called mature cigars. So many cigar aficionados will buy some humidors, humidors or build a cigar room.
Secondly, the ideal storage temperature of cigar is 18-20℃. If the temperature is lower than 18 ℃, the expected curing process of cigar will be weakened, and it will easily cause the embrittlement and cracking of cigar. The most undesirable cigar is the high temperature, if higher than 24℃, one is to accelerate the maturation of cigar, cigar premature loss of the most mellow taste; The other is that above this temperature, in a warm environment, will cause tobacco worms, may also cause cigar decay. So don't store cigars in sunny places or in enclosed areas that are too hot. Keep them away from heat, preferably in the coolest place in your home.
Finally, the preservation of cigars requires a balance between temperature and humidity. For the storage and aging of cigars, the temperature and humidity must be kept at an optimal ratio. In a warm and humid environment, high temperature and humidity make cigars the most likely to produce mildew. For example, at 40 degrees C, if the humidity is still 70%, then obviously that's not going to work, so you have to lower the humidity.
Now that we know a little bit about cigar preservation, do you know how to preserve your cigar on a hot summer day? As far as I know, a lot of people are buying wooden or leather humidors that are easy to carry around cigars. But for the average consumer, smoking is the most affordable. Our Wholesale Cigarettes Store now offers Newport and Marlboro Cigarettes at a special price. Many smokers are familiar with both brands. Come and Buy Newport Cigarettes at a bargain price and you will love the taste.