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Saturday 26 December, 2020 | RSS Feed

Do you know the difference between cigarettes and drugs?

We all know that both cigarettes and drugs are harmful to human body, but there are cigarettes everywhere in our life, there are no drugs, so cigarettes are legal circulation, while drugs are banned, do you know some similarities and differences between cigarettes and drugs?
First, all harm to people's health, cigarette harm is small, the harm of drugs is great.
Two, both harm the human body, cigarettes start from the lungs, drugs start from the brain.
Three, have harm latent period, cigarette latent period is long, drug latent period is short.
Four, are inhaled from the mouth, smoking cigarettes can be open, smoking drugs to be sneaky.
Fifth, the regulations of almost all countries are like this: smoking is not promoted, and drug use is strictly prohibited.
Six, are in circulation, cigarettes have special stores, drugs can only be dealt in the underground.
Seven, are polluting the environment, cigarettes are big, drugs are small.
Eight, can be lit with fire, cigarettes have caused forest fires, drugs did not ignite the property records.
Nine, from people's pockets pay, cigarettes to the country and tobacco dealers, drugs to the drug dealer.
Ten, will let users to go to a doctor, smokers in the hospital, drug addict to the drug rehabilitation center.
Cigarettes and drugs are bad things, but if you can't quit, stay away from drugs. Smoking is not good, but at least it is not very harmful. All countries have not banned cigarettes. Both Newport Menthol Cigarettes and Marlboro Cigarettes Online are very popular in the United States. If you are also a smoker and cannot afford the expensive tobacco tax, you will reap the benefits of Wholesale Newport Cigarettes or purchase Marlboro cigarettes from us.

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